Solution Partners


BARUS LLC, incorporated in California, USA, is a global design, manufacturing and service company of engineered splice solutions for the heavy construction industry. 

BARUS mechanical reinforcing bar couplers, anchorage, structural products, pre- cast connectors and similar value- added engineered splice systems offer a variety of solutions to meet the challenges of heavy construction. 

Powered by manufacturing and engineering capabilities, BARUS is committed to exceptional customer satisfaction, sustainable product initiatives and service quality at every job site. Because BARUS values our customers, we employ a dedicated staff of administrators, engineers, and technicians to ensure that we provide the best customer service possible. 


ATP is a global design, manufacturing and service company of construction composites for the heavy construction industry. 

Founded in 1968, ATP is powered by exceptional engineering and supported with strong manufacturing capabilities, which includes three manufacturing facilities and a research and development facility. ATP is proud to be in the center of thousands of mega infrastructure projects around the world. With over 40 years of experience, ATP was the first to develop exceptional products such as Complete Closed GFRP Stirrups, GFRP Segment Reinforcement and Near Surface GFRP Reinforcement. 

ATP is committed to exceptional customer satisfaction, sustainable product initiatives and service quality on every project. 


ReCC Rebar and Concrete Composites s.r.l. uninominale, headquartered in  Angri Italy is operating in the field of PVC pipes.


  •  PVC injection pipe for soil consolidation, including accessories (rubber rings, obturator bags, spacers etc.)                                        
  •  PVC drainage pipe, including accessories (geotextile filer, centralizer, PVC valves etc.)
  •  PVC sonic pipe


Zawaya Design & Engineering Consultancy

Zawaya Design & Engineering Consultancy is multi-disciplined engineering consultancy firm with around 20 professional staff in three offices located in Muscat, Saham & Ibra in Sultanate of Oman.

The firm was established by Eng. Humaid Al Muslmani in 2009 to meet the growing demand for the professionally competent consulting firms to provide planning engineering services for the growing activities of public and private sectors in Oman.


Full scale IT services/supply

Eksendata is a fast-growing IT reseller in Turkey that offers a comprehensive portfolio of IT solutions and consulting services for corporate and public sector organizations. Established in 2010, Eksendata has sourced, delivered and supported a wide range of IT solutions from the smallest to the most complex, supported by the world’s leading and emerging IT providers.

Solution Partners:

  • HP
  • Microsoft
  • VMWare
  • McAfee
  • Cisco
  • SAP




CCM Airport Equipment

CCM Airport Equipment is a privately owned company, founded in 1981, Bergamo, Italy. CCM specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of Interior Products and IT Systems for Airports, Hotels, Shopping Centers, Shops/Retail, Metro Stations, Railway Stations and Ferry Terminals. CCM has invested heavily in building its production capability and capacity over the last 35 years in order to meet the ever increasing demands for customised fabricated goods. Our ability to Design and Build in principally Metal, Wood, Corian and Krion allows CCM to meet the ever demanding need for high quality furniture. C.C.M. has the competence and the capabilities to fulfil its mission of remaining a leading Design and Construct Contractors in the field of Total Concept Interiors.

In 2016 CCM Srl acquired Matteograssi. The company is now part of the CCM group, the world leader in Airport Interior. In over thirty-five years of activity CCM has made over three hundred airports around the world. Recently CCM expanded to include CCM-Technology, with the capacity and ability to integrate and coordinate the modern technology of Special IT Systems within the various aspects of CCM and its projects.  CCM is today covering a range of proposals from interior - design, standard and custom  made furniture, turnkey management of projects across all aspects of public spaces with 36 years of experience in the Fabrication and Delivery of High Quality interiors for Airports, Train Stations, Conference Halls and Hospitals.

"The range of proposals is wide: essential or rich, square or round shaped, made of durable, high performing materials and tailored upon customer’s choices; our counters meet all customer requirements in terms of quality and construction accuracy. 

Product groups:
-Check-in Baggage Conveyors
-Canopies and Head Islands
-Interiors, Lounges and Solutions
-Beam Seating Systems
-Loose Furniture
-Self Bag Drop
-Signage and Advertising
-Retail Units

Offices in: C.C.M. Italy Head Office, Milano; C.C.M. DOHA, Qatar; C.C.M. China, Beijing City; C.C.M. Airport Equipment ME L.L.C., Abu Dhabi, UAE